From Canada, Dr Bak NGUYEN, Nominee EY Entrepreneur of the year, Grand Homage Lisse DIVERSITY, LinkedIn & TownHall Achiever of the year and World’s TOP100 doctors. Dr Bak is a cosmetic dentist, CEO and founder of M-dex & Co. His company is revolutionizing the dental field.

Speaker and motivator, he holds the world record of writing 100 books in 4 years accumulating many world records (to be officialized). Before that, he held the world record of writing 9 books over 12 months, then, 15 books within 15 months to set the bar even higher with the world record of 36 books written within 18 months + 1 week.

By his second author anniversary, he scored his new landmark world record of 48 books within 24 months. And then 72 books in 36 months. By the 4th anniversary Dr. Bak scored his usually landmark of writing 96 books over 48 months, but he pushed even further, scoring also the new world record of 100 books written within 4 years!


His books are covering:


In 2003, he founded Mdex, a dental company upon which in 2018, he launched the most ambitious private endeavour to reform the dental industry, Canada wide. Philosopher, he has close to his heart the quest of happiness of the people surrounding him, patients and colleagues alike.

In 2020, he launched an International collaborative initiative named THE ALPHAS to share knowledge amongst Entrepreneurs and Doctors to thrive through the Greatest Pandemic and Economic depression of our time.

These projects have allowed Dr Bak to attract interests from the international and diplomatic community and he is now the center of a global discussion in the wellbeing and the future of the health profession. It is in that matter that he shares his thoughts and encourages the health community to share their own stories

“It’s not worth it to go through it alone! Together, we stand, alone, we fall.”

To support creativity and the empowerment of self-improvement and personal growth, Dr. Bak is also leading the advancement of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) at Emotive World Incorporated. Incorporating A.I., design and publishing into its workflow and product, Emotive World is a leading company in publishing stories and books through writing and audio format. Under the leadership of Dr. Bak, Emotive World launched the Apollo Protocol, allowing authors to write books within 24 hours of working time, the Echo Protocol, to produce audiobooks like this one, to publish books distributed by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and Kindle and to also create and produce audiobook blockbusters, U.A.X. (Ultimate Audio Experience) streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and all major outlets.

Dr. Bak with his implication in Emotive World, is vouching to empower the voice and the creation of all the authors in the world to reach their markets and their audience. Yes Dr. Bak is an author, but through Emotive World, he is also a publishing and production company.

Motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur, philosopher and author, from his own words, Dr Bak describes himself as a dentist by circumstances, an entrepreneur by nature and a communicator by passion

He also holds recognitions from the Canadian Parliament and the Canadian Senate.

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