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Online Webinar using  your computer, tablet or smartphone,
24th April, 2021 at 11:00AM CDT.


Milos Miladinov

– Opened his lab – DentalTech – in 2003

– Started to teach & lecture in dental photography & esthetic planning for DSD in Murcia Spain in October 2013

– Opened his first dental training center “UglyTooth” in 2014, for Dentists and technicians

– Wrote the book “Shoot like a PRO” and launched it in August 2015. The book sold 1700 copies in just one year, so that it became the best sold guide for dental photography

– UglyTooth becomes ICDE Ivoclar official partner for Romania in 2016

– In 2015/2016 becomes official KOL for Ivoclar and lectures in CIE Wien, AEEDEC Dubai and Ivoclar Congress in Mexico City

– In 2015/2016 publishes more articles in Dental Dialogue, Dental Tribune, Reflect Magazine (BY IVOCLAR), DTG Magazine, (USA) and photos are used for covers of famous dental magazines like Labline ( EUROPE) and JERD ( USA )…

– Launched his own brand “Shoot like a PRO” ( in February 2016

  • Became Global Ambassador for Slow Dentistry in 2019
  • Became member of scientific committee in European Academy of Digital Dentistry and Global Ambassador for DDS in 2020
  • Cover of the JCD magazine in 2020

Dental Photography, Shoot Like A Pro

My promise is to make a dentist’s and technician’s life much easier when it comes to dental photography. The process will be simplified to allow participants to achieve professional level dental photography, in order to allow them into greater levels of photographic proficiency. The course provides a comprehensive hands on mix of technical equipment use, intra oral photography, close-up, laboratory, cross polarisation, portrait and artistic shooting for marketing.


Dental Photography Shoot like PRO

Abstract : How can we use dental photography to have a prosperous marketing, cost almost zero and maximum efficiency? Very simple, by teaching the basic techniques of dental photography.

Nowadays visual images are monopolising much of our lives. We are surrounded by them on the street, in the media, on your smartphone and they influence our elections. Regarding branch of dental medicine, the patients expect from us excellent results and we can offer them the plan of their case by using dental photography. In this way, since from the beginning they can see the steps of the case, for example using intra-oral pictures or porter ones they can see how they look in the present and /or what should be treating. With the close-up pictures they can see the construction of the mouth( teeth, lips, cheek, chin, etc.), also how their bite influence the smile and facial aesthetic, the own symmetry and other anthropometric details.

For the technician and the dentist the smile make-over show the plan and the result of the project.

All of these are a form of insurance for the patient that his case will be a successful one.

Why is almost zero cost? Because once you learn the tricks of photography you will only have to invest money only one time, for buying equipment and accessories that will serve your work in the future. After that you will be able to do pictures for the patients, to do your own portfolio, and especially your work will improve case after case, because dental photography can do that. Dental Photography can show you the finest detail, the imperceptible to the naked eye, so you can see your own mistake without too much effort for analysis.

I am glad to show you solutions and tips for creating amazing photography, in my way, : Shoot like a PRO!



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