Webinar Topic: The intelligence and evolution in dentistry and how technology will impact the upcoming years.

    Webinar Date/Time: 9th October

    Time: 11:00AM CDT

    Speaker: Dr Bak NGUYEN

    Category: Continuing Education

    From Canada, Dr Bak NGUYEN, Nominee EY Entrepreneur of the year, Grand Homage Lisse DIVERSITY, LinkedIn & TownHall Achiever of the year and World’s TOP100 doctors. Dr Bak is a cosmetic dentist, CEO and founder of M-dex & Co. His company is revolutionizing the dental field.

    Speaker and motivator, he holds the world record of writing 100 books in 4 years accumulating many world records (to be officialized). Before that, he held the world record of writing 9 books over 12 months, then, 15 books within 15 months to set the bar even higher with the world record of 36 books written within 18 months + 1 week.

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